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AC Servo Systems

SANYO DENKI offers a wide and advanced range of Servoamplifiers R series to 230 and 400 VAC with fieldbus and security functions coupled with AC servomotors series R2, Q2 and Q1. The available motors covering a power range from 100 W to 15 kW, with maximum torque up to 230 Nm. The motors, with integrated encoder (incremental or absolute) and maximum speed up to 6,000 rpm, are among the most compact in the world and, in union with the proposed drive systems, have an excellent dynamic behavior. The product selection offered by RTA, chosen from the catalog and supported by a consistent stock of motors and amplifiers always available in RTA, allows confront and resolve in the best way a great variety of automation problems..


The wide range of R series Servoamplifiers produced by SANYO DENKI offers high quality and reliability in a compact size.
Important high-performance features, specifically designed for most thrusts motion control applications are built-in in
these systems.



SANYO DENKI offers a wide range of brushless servomotors with high performance and medium / low inertia. The available motors cover a power range from 100 W to 15 kW, with maximum torque up to 96 Nm. The motors, equipped with built-in incremental or absolute encoder for all versions and maximum speed up to 6000 rpm, are the most compact in the market and, coupled with proposed servoamplifiers, have an excellent dynamic behaviour and they are particularly suitable for applications with fast acceleration positioning at medium/high power.