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Cooling systems


The broad range of SANYO DENKI fans proposed exclusively in Italy by RTA, offers the ideal solution for all types
of application that requires a system characterized by high reliability, low acoustic noise, high-average expected
life (up to 200,000 hours) and high efficiency.
All models are equipped with double ball bearing and are UL / CSA, TUV, RoHS certified.

Supported by a very large stock of fans, always available in the warehouse, RTA offers several product lines:

  • DC FANS: from □36 mm to Ø225 mm – Power supply from 5 VDC to 48 VDC.
  • AC FANS: from □60 mm to Ø172 mm - Power supply from to 115 or 230 VAC.
  • ACDC FANS: □92 mm and □120 mm - Power supply from 100 to 240 VAC.
    (with internal conversion from AC to DC current.)


  • SILENT: from □60 mm to □120 mm. Noiseless.
  • LOW POWER CONSUMPTION: from □40 mm to □92 mm. Low current consumption.
  • COUNTER ROTATING: from □38 mm to Ø172 mm. High Air Flow.
  • SPLASH PROOF: from □40 mm to Ø172 mm. Protection degree up to IP68.
  • OIL PROOF: from □40 mm to □120 mm. Possibility to operate in contact with “oil-mist”.
  • LONG-LIFE: from □40 mm to Ø172 mm. Expected life up to 200.000 hours @ 60°C.
  • CENTRIFUGAL: from Ø100 mm to Ø225 mm. Centrifugal effect cooling.
    (SPLASH PROOF available version)

  • REVERSIBLE: Ø136 mm. Ventilation on both sides.
  • BLOWER: from □52 mm to □160 mm.
  • WIDE TEMPERATURE: from □40 mm to □120 mm. This model works in a extended range of temperatures:
    from -40 ℃ to + 85 ℃.