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Sanyo Denki corporation

  • SANYO DENKI, founded in 1927, began the development and production of servomotors in 1952, of stepping motors in 1959 and fans in the '60s. It is active in the field of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) since the late '50s.

  • The Company is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange since 1962. It features multinational operations and sales, with direct subsidiaries in all major industrialized countries. The Company employs over 2,600 people worldwide.

  • The experience and skills collected in over 80 years of activity has made SANYO DENKI an international leader in this sector, both for the development of new high-performance products and the mass-production quality and technological consistency. SANYO DENKI is also proud of a strong track record of product reliability that is worldwide recognized.

  • Mass-production (several million of units per year) is carried out making use of fully automated lines, equipped with high level robotics. In this way, an excellent price / performance ratio is insured, in connection with high product quality and strong repeatability.

  • With the recent opening of the Kangawa Factory in Japan (2009), SANYO DENKI has developed one of the most automated, efficient and eco-friendly manufacturing plant in the world of industrial automation.