Sanyo Denki & R.T.A.

  • SANYO DENKI is a Japanese company founded in 1927 and leading manufacturer of Servo Systems (Stepper motors, AC & DC servo systems), Cooling Systems (AC, DC, blower, centrifugal) and Power Systems (UPS).

  • R.T.A. is the distributor for Italy of SANYO DENKI since 1989. R.T.A. has afterwards taken the distributorship for Germany and Spain, respectively in 2001 and 2008. During over 20 years of collaboration, RTA and SANYO DENKI have successfully developed a strong and stable strategic partnership. It is based on a strong coupling between products (RTA drives and SANYO DENKI stepper motors), technologies (stepper and brushless systems) and business lines (motors and fans).

  • Over the years, the partnership among R.T.A. and SANYO DENKI has achieved a strong market penetration in Italy, through the introduction of high technology products and innovative solutions. In more recent years, this partnership has evolved and enriched, entering into new highly strategic European markets such as Germany and Spain.