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Stepping motor drive open-frame NDC 06.V
( 24 - 75 VDC 1.9 - 6.0 Amp ) with screw-type connectors


► Series of ministep bipolar chopper drives, suitable for driving medium power two-phase stepping motors, with four, six or eight terminals.
► Compact, easy to use and cost effective solution. This system is designed for easy mounting inside a metallic electrical cabinet.
► Target: medium and medium-low power applications without special configuration requirement, but needing great dynamic performance, high reliability, low acoustic noise and mechanic vibrations reduction.


► Microstepping function up to 4.000 step/rev.
► Electronic damping facility for further acoustic noise and mechanic vibrations reduction at low and medium speed.
► Separated connectors for logic signals and power connections.
► Optoinsulated and differential input and output signals ease interfacing with the most commonly used control systems.


► Version: open frame drive in 101 x 94 x 25 mm, equipped with screw-type connectors.
► Range of operating voltages: 24-75 VDC.
► Range of current: 1.9-6 Amps. Setting up to eight possible values by means of a dip-switch.
► Microstepping: 400, 500, 800, 1.000, 1.600, 2.000, 3.200 and 4.000 steps/revolution. Setting by means of a dip- switch.
► Automatic current reduction at motor standstill.
► Protections:
-Protection against under-voltage and over-voltage.
-Protection against a short-circuit at motor outputs.
-Overtemperature protection with thermal sensor.
► Optoinsulated inputs compatible with differential control signals.
► Possibility to switch off motor current with an external logic signal.
► High efficiency CHOPPER with MOSFET final stage output.
► Electronic damping facility for further acoustic noise and mechanic vibrations reduction at low and medium speed.
► Available a version with built-in oscillator, with speed range from 14 to 450 rpm. Setting by means of dip-switches.
► Warranty: 24 months.