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MiniMax A1

  • MiniMax is the new compact and powerful PLC designed by RTA for EtherCAT-based solutions, ranging from basic to medium complexity, involving up to 8 stepper or servo axes.

    * R.T.A. Studio: unique software environment for configuration and debugging * Smart Structured Text programming Language * Easy integration with other automation systems by Modbus TCP/IP and Modbus RTU * Up to 20 realtime parallel processes * Compact Size *

    Intuitive configuration and programming by RTA Studio software, a simple high-level language, that guarantees realtime fast tasks execution.



  • Flex-6 nano is an integrated EtherCAT solution offering up to 64 Axes of motion

  • MAIN FEATURES: * Dual core 1GHZ Arm Processor * 2 - 64 Axes * 1 GBit DDR3 Memory * Memory can be Expanded with a Micro SD Card * 1 GBit Fast Serial Flash Memory to Store Data Such as Programs, VRs and Tables * Built in Retention RTC * Built in EBUS Coupler for Direct Access to Trio’s Flexslice Slaves * Cycle Time as Low as 125us! * Field Programmable with Motion Perfect * High Performance, Flexible Topology and Simple Configuration * Bus Cycle Time Synchronised with Motion Coordinator Servo Period * Ethercat Protocol to Individual Modules Using the EBUS System * I/O Functions Tightly Synchronised to Motion Using Ethercat Distributed Clocks * Practical Push-In Connector Options – No Break Out Required * Clip-Together Design With ‘Quick Release’ Locks For Mechanical Integrity*



  • Ultra-slim EtherCAT stepping motor drive, that perfectly fits the TRIO MOTION Flexslice architecture, creating a powerful multi-axis modular system.

  • MAIN FEATURES: *Coupling with stepping motors up to Nema 24 (60 mm) with encoder feedback. *Mode of operation: PP, CSP, CSV, Homing *Easy setup: no need of programming software; all settings are made through EtherCAT network.  * Version: drive housed in a plastic box 147x17x107 mm, equipped with spring connectors. * Range of operating voltages: 24-48 VDC. * Nominal current.: from 1 to 4 Amp. * Electronic damping facility for further acoustic noise and mechanic vibrations reduction. * Optoinsulated programmable input (Touch Probe, proximity or general purpose) *Operating with 400, 500, 1000 and 4000 cpr encoders. * Wide range of motor phase current setting. * Motor current overboost. * Intelligent management of the current profile. * Communication by means of EtherCAT (CoE) interface. * Modes of operation: PROFILE POSITION, CSP, CSV and Homing. * Different variety of HOMING operation modes. * Encoder feedback.



  • Input/Output modules suitable to fast flexible expansion for motion applications

  • MAIN FEATURES: * Use with Trio or 3rd Party EtherCAT Masters * High performance, flexible topology and simple configuration. * Bus cycle time synchronised with Motion Coordinator Servo Period. * Bus coupler module with 2 x RJ45 Ethernet ports for EtherCAT connection. * EtherCAT protocol remains fully intact down to individual modules using the E-bus system. * I/O functions tightly synchronised to motion using EtherCAT distributed clocks. * Automatic mapping to the Motion Coordinator I/O system. * DIN rail mounted. * Multiple practical push-in connector options – No break outs required. * Clip-together design with ‘quick release’ locks for mechanical integrity. * User labelling facility * Machine builder custom functionality options



  • High performance Motion Cordinator for remote servo and stepper
    drives via EtherCAT bus

  • MAIN FEATURES: * Up to 64 EtherCAT Digital Drive Axes virtual axes * Supports Position, Speed and Torque Drive Modes * Up to 1024 EtherCAT I/O * Maximum retentive variable 16384 * Linear, Circular, Helical and Spherical Interpolation * Profinet I/O * Isolated Encoder Port * EnDAT and SSI Absolute Encoder Supported * Metal backplate for maximum noiselessness * Ethernet-IP / Modbus TCP / Trio ActiveX / Uniplay HMI / UDP / Ethernet Interface Built-In * Precise Motion Calculation with 1GHz dual core ARM Cortex-A7 processor * IEC 61131-3 Programming * Multi-tasking BASIC Programming * Text File Handling * Robotic Transformations * High speed registration inputs * Isolated RS232 and RS485 ports * SD Memory Card Slot * EtherCAT I/O Expansion * Canopen I/O expansions * SD memory card slot * RoHS, UL and CE Approved



  • Easy and secure operator interface with free remot control (VPN)

  • MAIN FEATURES: * Three models in two sizes * Free developer tools * 7" and 10” sealed touch panels available * Ethernet connection reduces wiring *Free remote control (VPN) *Easy integration with R.T.A. products *R.T.A. support team *Equipped with Cortex A8 1GHz CPU *More than 30.000 hours of backing life time *CE, UL, ATEX certificated REMOTE CONTROL: *EasyAccess 2.0 enables the operator to easily connect and monitor the remote HMI from anywhere in the world, through a protected remote VPN connection.


    MC664 / MC664-X

  • Highest performance and most flexible Motion Controller based on the Quad Core Cortex A9 1GHz ARM processor

  • MAIN FEATURES: * Up to 128 Axes - 64 Stepper / Servo Axes and 64 Virtual Axes * Precise 64 Bit Motion Calculations with Quad Core Cortex A9 1GHz Processor (P862) * Dedicated Communications Core (P862) * Built-in EtherCAT Port * EtherCAT, Sercos, SLM and RTEX Digital Drive Interfaces * Linear, Circular, Helical and Spherical Interpolation * Flexible CAM shapes, Linked Motion * EnDAT, BISS and SSI Absolute Encoder Supported * Hardware Linked Outputs for Camera / Laser Control * Ethernet-IP / Modbus TCP / Ethernet Interface Built-In * Anybus-CC Module for Flexible Factory Comms Including ProfiNet/Profibus * IEC 61131-3 Programming * Multi-tasking BASIC Programming * Text File Handling * Robotic Transformations * SD Memory Card Slot * CANopen + EtherCAT I/O Expansion * Backlit LCD Display * RoHS and CE Approved



  • Advanced 4 Axis Closed Loop Servo / 5 Axis Pulse Direction

  • MAIN FEATURES: * Linear, Circular, Helical and Spherical Interpolation * Flexible CAM shapes, Linked Motion * EnDAT and SSI Absolute Encoder Supported * Hardware Linked Outputs for Camera / Laser Control * Ethernet-IP / Modbus TCP / Ethernet Interface Built-In * 125 – 2000 µsec Selectable Servo Update * Precise 64 bit Motion Calculations on ARM11 Processor with VFP * IEC 61131-3 Programming * Multi-tasking BASIC Programming * Text File Handling * Robotic Transformations * Micro SD Memory Card Slot * Robotic Transformations * RoHS, UL Listed, CE approved * Option: Extended I/O module available v


    CAN I/O Modules

  • Input/Output expansion modules suitable to communication and control

  • MAIN FEATURES: * Up to 16 P319 modules may be connected to the CAN network which may be up to 100m long. * This provides 256 distributed bi-directional input/output channels at 24Vdc level. All input points are high level, (24V = ON) all outputs are short-circuit proof and the I/O is completely isolated from the CANbus. * P319 modules may be mixed on the same bus, with other types in the Trio CAN I/O range. The Trio CANbus I/O expansion can considerably reduce machine wiring.



  • 4 Pulse train – Single or multi-axes – 15 expandable modules – 8 Digital I/O

  • A-series integrated PLC system, including PLC, modules and touch screens, is a versatile and programmable logic controller, expandable with external modules.
    MAIN FEATURES: * 24 VDC ± 15 % * DC input power polarity reverse, over voltage protection* HMI available- Easy integration with the PLC system – Compact size – Quick installation * Positioning control * Perfect integration with R.T.A. architecture * LADDER Logic programmer system * Modules: Digital I/O – Anlog I/O – Thermocouple * Compact size: 40*65 mm maximum dimensions * R.T.A. support team