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RC series is a full range of electric cylinders, combining high performances, excellent resistance and versatility, with possible customization, according to the technical characteristics of the application.

Two versions available:

  • With recirculating ball profile, for high tip loads and henever significant screw rotation speeds and good precision are required.
  • With trapezoidal profile, when the peak load is very low or negligible in the system, i.e. when low loads, low speeds and lower accuracy are required.

Perfectly compatible with R.T.A. stepping and servomotors, forming a reliable modular system, electric cylinders can match with different types of motors and accessories:

  • NEMA 23, NEMA 24 and NEMA 34 flange stepping motors.
  • Up to 7500 W servomotors.
  • Integrated electronics stepping motor (COMBO-UNIT solutions).
  • Stepping motors with encoder and/or brake.
  • Stepping or servomotors with gearbox.